Course Readings:

Items marked with a (*) on the following list will be covered in some detail in session. Other readings listed here serve as background material and will be referred to in passing.

Part I: Financial Ratios

*Penman.2013. Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation. Chapter 17: Creating Accounting

Value and Economic Value, Mc-Graw Hill Publishers.

Part II: Accounting Rates of Return

*Fisher and McGowan. 1983. On the Misuse of Accounting Rates of Return to Infer Monopoly Profits.

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Part III: Capacity Investments and Financial Ratios

Fisher.1987. On the Misuse of the Profit-Sales Ratio to Infer Monopoly Power. RAND Journal of Economics, 18(3), 384-396.

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Part IV: The Market-to-Book and Price-to-Earnings Ratios

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