The summer school is jointly organized by

  • Prof. Dr. Alexis H. Kunz (University of Lausanne, HEC),
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Hofmann (University of Hannover), and
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer (University of Vienna).



The course will be held at the Institute of Business Administration (BWZ) at the University of Vienna.


Course Language

The course language is English.



No fees apply.


Admission Requirements

The course focuses on issues of performance measurement, managerial and financial accounting on an advanced level. The participants should therefore exhibit, apart from analytic abilities, knowledge within the range of these topics. A close relation of the participant’s scientific work to the course content would be desirable. The number of participants is limited.


Course Requirements

This course is seminar based. Provide a detailed written analysis of at least four of the nine Practice Problems chosen for this course.