Course Readings marked with a (*) on the following list will be covered in some detail in the course of this seminar. Course Requirements: Provide a detailed written analysis of at least four of the nine Practice Problems chosen for this course. Participants are free in their selection among these problems except that inclusion of either Problem 8 or Problem 9 (or both) is required.


Day One: Accrual Accounting for Managerial Performance Measures

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  • Reichelstein ‚ÄúInvestment Decisions and Managerial Performance Evaluation,‚ÄĚ Review of Accounting Studies, 1997.
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  • Baldenius, " Delegated Investment Decisions and Private Benefits of Control", The Accounting Review, 2003.
  • *Dutta and Reichelstein, " Accrual Accounting for Performance Evaluation ", mimeo, 2004.


Day Two: Commitment and Renegotiation

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  • *Dutta and Reichelstein, " Leading Indicator Variables, Performance Measurement and Long-Term versus Short-Term Contracts", Journal of Accounting Research, 2003.


Day Three: Stock Price versus Accounting Information

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