Course Requirements
This course is lecture based. A list of the course readings will be sent to the participants in time. It will be the student’s responsibility to read the assigned papers prior to the course and to be ready to engage in discussion with the class. We expect an active cooperation from the participants. Therefore, it is essential to become acquainted with the assigned papers and underlying analytical methods. 

Introductory readings (read in the order listed):

  • Arya, A., J. Glover, and S. Sunder. "Earnings management and the revelation principle." Review of Accounting Studies 1-2 (1998): 7-34.
  • Levin, J. "Relational incentive contracts." American Economic Review 3 (2003): 835-857.
  • Halac, M. "Relational contracts and the value of relationships." American Economic Review 2 (2012): 750-79.
  • Baldenius, T., J. Glover, and H. Xue. "Relational contracts with and between agents." Journal of Accounting and Economics 61.2-3 (2016): 369-390.